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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Banned from Facebook

Pin It Some of you may know that I am an Admin on a Facebook fan page called This Milk Matters: Lactation Support Group.  Our mission is to support, connect and encourage moms in their breastfeeding journeys.  One of the things we do is share breastfeeding pictures and sometimes pumping pictures.  A few days ago, at the request of a fan, I shared the following photo:

The fan had been blocked for 3 days and wanted/needed support from other moms. A few hours after it was  posted, it was obviously reported and I got a warning message from Facebook and the post was removed.
The next day, another admin posted a link to this blog post, calling Facebook for it's double standard and blatant discrimination of breastfeeding photos and mothers.  Late last night, I tried to check into Facebook from my phone and realized I had been logged out.  When I logged in again, I got this message:

I am blocked from posting content to my personal page or any page that I admin for 24 hours.  

A few weeks ago, this image popped up in my news feed.  I reported it immediately, but got a message from Facebook saying that it would not be removed because it did not violate any of Facebook's Community Standards.  Uh huh.

Facebook, shame on you.  Please share this post and tell Facebook that this is not OK!

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* The MOM said...

WHAT THE?!?!?! Are you kidding me?! I. Hate. Facebook. Hate it! What a bunch of hypocrites.